Brilliant Museum

Brilliant Museum digital media have been especially formulated to meet the high standards and preferences of the most discriminating fine-art printer. Available in two different substrates, SilverGloss and Satin Matte, and each comes in a choice of two base tones, White and Natural. SilverGloss are the acid-free, alpha-cellulose papers that emulate the classic, air-dried, glossy fibre-based traditional silver-halide papers used by the master black-and-white printers.

Satin Matte is a 100% cotton rag substrate media that features a rich, satin-matte surface that, unlike some matte surface papers, is not dead or flat. The White base papers are slightly optically brightened — yet archivally proper — to produce an elegantly subtle punch that really enhances some images. The non-brightened neutral Natural base doesn’t exhibit any of the usual dull yellow look that is found on many of the other non-brightened papers on the market today. All four types are a heavy, 300 gsm with a thickness between 18 and 19 mils, depending upon type.


ICC Profiles for Brilliant Museum

Canon Pro9000
Canon Pro9000 Mark II
Canon Pro9500
Canon Pro9500 Mark II
Canon PixmaPro - Part 1
Canon PixmaPro - Part 2

Epson 1400
Epson 1800
Epson 2200
Epson 2400
Epson 3000
Epson 3800
Epson 3880
Epson 4800
Epson 4880
Epson 7800
Epson 7880
Epson 7890
Epson 7900
Epson 9800
Epson 9880
Epson 9900
Epson R1900
Epson R2880
Epson R3000

HP B9180